Wound Care

There are 2 types of standard dressings, Aquacels and Prevenas.

  • An Aquacel is like a giant band-aid and a Prevena is a special dressing with a sponge, suction, tubing, and a battery pack.
  • Both resist water intrusion and you are allowed to shower but we still recommend covering it to keep as dry as possible.
  • Be careful to avoid actively scrubbing the dressing.
  • If water or drainage larger than a half-dollar coin size area has soiled the dressing please call the office.
  • These dressings are good for around a week if they remain clean and with a good seal around the edges. After they are removed, the wound should be gently cleansed and covered with a simple gauze and tape dressing to protect the incision from snagging on clothing. Do not apply ointments to the wound




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Hip Hemiarthroplasty
Revision Total Hip Replacement

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